PlayStation Newsletter


PlayStation had several different newsletters (Brand, Store, Music) that needed creative coherence and brand consistency. They wanted a master template that all 3 divisions could use for their respective platforms. In addition, they wanted us to explore ways to increase user engagement.  



To create a coherent newsletter template, across PlayStation's platforms, that is responsive and increases user engagement.  



Our Research

Here is what we found while working with our D&A team:

80% of PlayStation's newsletters are viewed on mobile, 20% on desktop

Personalized subject lines have higher open rates

A/B testing showed emails with personalized content have higher click throughs



Since our audience was split 80% mobile, 20% desktop, our main goal was to make this a mobile-first, responsive newsletter. Below are the wireframes.  

We also tried a different approach where each game module took up a horizontal row. The nice thing about this option was that the newsletter was much shorter on mobile, since each game took up less space. We ultimately decided to forgo this approach. The 1:1 ratio for the square images looked nice visually but made the right-side text module too small on mobile and too large on desktop.


Design Elements




Redesigned Newsletter



Client: PlayStation
Agency: DigitasLBi
My Role: Art Director & Designer