Canon Expo NYC

Every 5 years, Canon brings together their most cutting-edge products and innovations for a comprehensive exhibition called Canon Expo. The Expo includes interactive stations for a range of Canon products including photography, video and motion, medical imaging, office equipment, security and surveillance, and much more. In 2015, the Expo was held at the Javits Convention Center in NYC.



Canon wanted an online presence in order to promote the Expo, offer event information, and allow user registration.



To create an online experience to accompany the Expo. The site includes user registration, Expo content, seminar and speaker schedules, and a virtual experience post-event. In addition, we produced a sizzle reel to attract attendees. 



Sizzle Video

We created a sizzle video in the months leading up to the Expo, in order to promote the event and attract attendees.


Design Elements


The Website

We featured the sizzle video on the landing page in order to attract attendees and create a buzz around the event. Once on the site, viewers could register for the Expo or get information about the event, the speakers and the seminars.


Expo Homepage


Expo Zones Landing Page


Canon wanted to showcase 11 Expo Zones at the Javtis Convention Center to correspond to their innovation categories such as video & photography, medical imaging, office solutions, security & surveillance, and more. We created a Zone Landing Page that included these 11 Zones, positioned around a dial. The 12th position on the dial included a link to register for the Expo.


Example Zone Detail Page


Speaker Page


Event Photos



Client: Canon
Agency: 360i
My Role: Art Director & Designer